Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goblin Quest, by Jim C. Hines

Rating: 5/5
184 pages
Publisher: Daw

Description: Jig is a scrawny little nearsighted goblin-a runt even among his puny species. Captured by a party of adventurers searching for a magical artifact, and forced to guide them, Jig encounters every peril ever faced on a fantasy quest. (From Goodreads)

Review: If you're looking for a new perspective on fantasy fiction, there are two good ways to go. You can go for a book or series that goes for a more realistic approach, like A Song of Ice and Fire (aka A Game of Thrones), or you can go for something that's noticed how silly a lot of this is, and is happy to point it out to you. Goblin Quest is the latter.

Through Jig's perspective, we get to see both monsters and noble heroes in a more honest light than your average fantasy quest story or D&D campaign. Neither comes across as well as they'd like.

The book isn't perfect, but Jig is quite likable, the adventurers are well fleshed out, and, most importantly, I laughed. Frequently.

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