Saturday, August 3, 2013

An Embarrassment of Riches, by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Rating: 3.5/5
Publisher: Tor
383 pages
Source: My collection

Description: Caught up in politics, Rakoczy Ferancsi, finds himself a virtual prisoner in thirteenth century Bohemia. Forced to make jewels for the local ruler and trying to hide his true nature, he gets caught in a web of court politics and blackmail which he can't escape from without risking the lives of those he's responsible for.

Review: This isn't a bad book, the setting is interesting, but, frankly, nothing really happens for most of it. Saint-Germain is caught in a bad situation and really can't do anything about it other than go over the consequences of his either leaving or anyone noticing he's a vampire. He does have some run ins with the ladies of the local court, one who blackmails him into a relationship, one who he gets involved with freely, and one who is determined to marry him, but there's almost no conflict between them, since there's not much overlap in these events.

I did feel the ending saved the book. I didn't expect his problem of how to leave Bohemia to be solved in that manner, plus there was an increase in conflict, with the blackmailing lady returning to court and getting annoyed with the one determined to marry him.

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