Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Fishing Widow, by Amy K. Marshall

Rating: 3.5/5
460 pages
Publisher: Alaskan Gothic Press
Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers

Description: There’s an old saying that goes: The difference between a fairy tale and a fisherman’s tale is this… a fairy tale begins, “Once Upon A Time,” and a fisherman’s tale begins, “This Ain’t No Bullshit.” 

Supernatural terror stalks the crew of the purse seiner the F/V “The Case In Point” during the March 2010 Sitka Herring Sac Roe Fishery in Southeast Alaska. As the herring war intensifies, each boat is an island, and being alone can cost you everything. As the web spins from the depths, the past is not so distant; the lines between history and myth begin to blur. The forgotten horror surrounding the 1835 loss of the Nantucket whaler “The Covenant” threatens to overwhelm the present. One among the seven men aboard “The Case In Point” is unwittingly marked by a woman beautiful and cursed, who not only desperately needs his help, but needs, desperately, to tear out his heart and consume his crew. (from LibraryThing)

Review: I go into any book expecting a four star book. Good, but not great. Most of the time, that's what I get. This book felt about one edit short of a four star rating.

I really wanted to like it. As a horror/ghost story it does a lot of things right. Characters you can care about, an evocative setting, and a scary monster. But the writing wasn't quite there, a fact I could overlook until I reached the climax.

The climax is just kind of a mess. I think I figured out what was going on, but I'm not entirely sure. Too many characters and too many new revelations made things kind of a muddle.

Also, while it made sense, the epilogue felt a bit out of place.

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